Col de jaman buvette

Von wenigen Tischen hat man direkten Zugriff auf die Leckeres Fondue.

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Ich war mit meiner Familie in den Ferien in Roches de Naye und bemerkte dieses kleine Bahnhofsrestaurant, als ich mit dem Zug aufstand. Wir glauben, dass dieses kleine Restaurant einen Hauch von Alpenromantik hatte als andere Optionen. Bin hier gelandet nach einer epischen Wanderung. Es liegt auf einem Pass und ist mit dem Wander- oder Zahnradzug erreichbar. Wurde von den 2 Servern so ziemlich ignoriert und bekam endlich eine Flasche Cola und Wasser.

Ansichten sind episch. Buvette de Jaman, Montreux. Alle Restaurants in Montreux ansehen. Buvette de Jaman Beansprucht. Alle Fotos Gesamtwertungen und Bewertungen 4. Alle Details anzeigen funktionen. Ja Nein Unsicher. Akzeptiert dieses Unternehmen Kreditkarten? Serviert dieses Restaurant vegane Gerichte? Teilen Sie eine weitere Erfahrung, bevor Sie diese Seite verlassen.

col de jaman buvette

Bewertungen Bewertung schreiben. Bewertungen filtern. Bewertungen von Reisenden. Ausgezeichnet 1. Sehr gut 1.When looking out from Montreux, the lakeside or the motorway, around which "civilisation" gathers, the Dent de Jaman's towering wall seems completely out of reach for walkers - still, there is a way up! At the top of the Dent de Jaman you'll find a great view out over Copacabana The peak is a very popular outing because of its closeness to other tourist attractions and the railway up.

However before getting too enthusiastic, do be aware that the last bit of the climb can be a little tricky. It's not a stroll for beginners! You'll need both hands and feet to get up the last ledges. If in doubt, forget the summit and enjoy the view from below.

Do remember that if you find it hard going up, it'll be worse on the way down facing the drop. There are too many routes to describe them all, the shortest being simply up and back from the Jaman railway halt. Nevertheless, what's the point of paying for a hefty train ticket if it's just for a 30 minute round walk?

Interesting round walks of about 4 to 5 hours start from the Hauts de Caux or Les Cases other railway halts - for more details see the randonnee-pedestre. A car is needed to do the walk I describe here since it starts from the Col de Jaman. It goes past posts the ornithologists use to spread nets to catch and ring birds because the Col de Jaman is an important pass on various migration routes.

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After the posts, the path enters the small wood located under the Dent de Jaman. A few giants steps up between the tree roots and rocks, together with the fact that the path is often fairly slippery means it's better to take this path on the way up rather than on the way down.

After about 25 minutes, the path comes out of the woods and starts to go round to the left of the peak, first up hairpins built up using dry stone walls, then across scree. After this the path flattens out as it comes up to the Jaman railway halt. In the peak season, the Jaman railway halt hosts a restaurant and even a lodge where you can spend the night.

You'll see about that later on because before reaching the buildings the path heads up to the right. This last part of the climb is really steep but short about 15 to 20 minutesand you might need to use your hands to get over the rocky portions of the path.

Make sure you take care when scrambling even if you are quite a way from any big drops. Above all, do not leave the path - this site has already had its fair share of accidents. As often around here, the summit is crowned with a cross. When you've had enough of the view it's time to think about getting back down. It's no easy job descending the grassy ledges - harder than the climb up.

However you manage it, on your backside or with the ease of a chamois, you should be back at the junction where you took right up to the top within about 10 minutes. This time carry on towards the Jaman railway halt. For the walk back to the Col de Jaman, the most pleasant way is along the track you can see lower down at Montagne d'Amont.

Cross the railway tracks at the halt make sure you don't do this when one of the snail-speed trains comes into the halt every 30 minutes! Once on the trail, follow it down back to the Col de Jaman.

It goes down hairpins between the Dent de Hautaudon and the Dent de Jaman and reaches the car park in about 1 hour of effortless walking with a slight uphill slope at the end.

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Have fun!Dent de Jaman - Rochers de Naye est un sentier en boucle de I was alone so slightly mortified not used to uphill and single lanes. We took train to Jaman station, then set out for Roches de Naye. We went to the left, which takes you past a small cave. It also takes you up some very steep spots where you walk on fixed stairs and use some fixed handrails. Would not be good if you were afraid of heights. As we walked up the ridge to the peak, we also met some climbers who popped up onto the trail from a sheer vertical rock face.

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They were on a fixed line, something to try some day! The views are spectacular across the mountains and down to the lake. Coming back we took the more gentle route, which was very different and made for a nice variety. What an amazing sights! Even when walking in thick mists through the clouds most of the trail, it was stunningly beautiful.

The trail going south via the east has the most beautiful sights on Swiss country: rocks, meadows, flowers and ponds. When crossing station La Perche, there was the stunning view to Montreux and the lake of Geneve, but stubborn cows blocked our way - we returned and headed back via Jaman Station, taking the west route back via Dent de Jaman some descending using chains in the rocks to hold on to which was a very fun descent - and then we were back at the nice restaurant!

Dent de Jaman

Our tip: if the weather is good, start with the heavier climb on the Dent de Jaman and then enjoy the scenery downhill back the east trail. Due to bad weather we took a shorter trail, approx 7 km loop. Vue incroyable sur le lac.

One bridge was out. Possible to cross, but a bit dangerous, the bridge is wobbly. The loop is super nice. No major obstacles in normal conditions.

The elevation gain requires a minimum of stamina. Dent de Jaman - Rochers de Naye moderate Afficher plus Afficher moins.

Jaman – Les Avants

Length View Full Map. Avis Ivan Fritz. Jenny Ang.

col de jaman buvette

Hoddy Klein. Tineke P.

BUVETTE de JAMAN, mountain restaurant, Switzerland

Marco L. Hey Stan. Beautiful - very touristy though.Accueil chaleureux, le personnel aux petits oignons, repas du terroir et Ici on prend le temps de vivre Cadre superbe sous la dent de Jaman. Personnel sympathique, restaurant typique de montagne. Les prix par contre Ce ne sont pas les 2 cornichons et oignon au milieu qui justifie un tel prix.

Nous pensions qu'au moins nous pouvions garder la planchette Mais ce n'est pas pour les petits budgets. La patronne a tout de suite fait Quoiqu'il en soit, nous en gardons un bon souvenir.

Ensuite c est aussi au tour de sa femme de sortir de leur restaurant tout en nous insultant.

Le Manoire, Caux

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Ce restaurant sert-il de bons plats locaux? Ce restaurant convient-il pour un brunch? Est-ce un snack-bar? Ce restaurant propose-t-il principalement des soupes? Ce restaurant sert-il de l' alcool? Merci pour votre aide!They are Jaime and Carmel, and as we talked about doing some backcountry skiing together this winter, we thought that it would be good to get to know each other a little better, so we arranged to meet today at Haut-de-Caux for a hike over Rochers de Naye.

We took the train up and it was packed. It was so crowded that the controleur decided not to insist: we had the space to ourselves up to Haut-de-Caux. When we got off there was dozens more people all masked were ready to take our place:clearly something was happening up at the top.

It turned out that this was the weekend of the Montreux Trails Festival. There were a variety of races going on, including the Mxtreme which started in Bex, wound all over the Alpes Vaudoises before ending in Montreux, km and 8, m of vertical later! Three hundred people maniacs! Jaime and Carmel drove to H de C and managed to park in the last available space. The four of us then took the normal route up R de N, and encountered very few people until we arrive at Sonchaux, the parapente launch site.

I have never seen such a crowd there before! But I guess the winds were perfect for flying. There were many more people on the section between Sautodoz and the top, people coming down from the top station of the train. When we finally turned the corner into the top basin, it felt like we were entering a music festival. There was a stage on the restaurant terrace with a DJ, and all kinds of people on every path, up to the antenna, out to the Jardin Alpin, along the ridge to the top of the via ferrata.

But it was a sparkling day. No wonder we were all out there. We found a spot on the benches around the antenna for our lunch, then after eating, proceeded out along the ridge, past the climbers headed back to the train after finishing the via ferrata. Instead of taking the train down from the summit, we decided to go down the stairs by the Grottes.

As we turned onto the down trail from the ridge, we could see the Dent de Jaman and the lake. We crossed the Col de Benaudon, where we joined the route of another, shorter race, so runners were always coming up behind us. But then they headed toward La Perche and we took the ski area road up to the Station de Jaman. We arrived as a downbound train was approaching, and Christine and Carmel decided to hitch a ride down to Montreux. Jaime and I continued down to the Piste du Diable to their car at H de C, which we drove down to the apartment.

After some clean-up we started on the drinks and dinner part of the day. Our guests on the balcony. Little remained of either by the end of the meal! We had made plans with some friends who live at the other end of the lake to go hiking today, but not too surprising, considering the several constraints, they bailed at the last minute. We decided to go anyway, and in fact we got out an hour earlier than planned: a good thing in pandemic times and on potentially hot summer days.During our last visit to Montreux we took the train from the main railway station in direction of Rochers-de-Naye but jumped off a couple of stops before at Jaman.

It is just about a 40 minutes trip with lots of stops on the way. It goes up, up and up with beautiful views over Lake Geneva Lac LemanMontreux and to the surrounding mountains where especially Dent de Jaman with its meters looks very impressive. Arriving at the stop by Jaman, at the height of meters, the restaurant is literally just one step from the train tracks! Lots of skiers and snowboarders had also found the restaurant but we were still able to get a table outside with tremendous views over the valley and to Rochers-de-Naye, Dent de Jaman and other mountains.

The tables outside are just about half a meter from the trains passing by, an interesting experience, luckily, they are all-electric trains, so no smoke emissions to worry about. At this time of the year, there were lots of skiers and snowboarders and when the snow is gone the area is full of great hiking opportunities for example to the nearby Dent de Jaman and the mountain pass Col de Jaman. We are already looking forward to visiting Buvette de Jaman again when everything is green and blooming.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. From The Top of Switzerland. Loading Likes Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Having a representative at the car rental office was great.

We were able to get the information we needed from her to get started. The maps and guides were great resources for the trip. Overall we are very pleased with Nordic Visitor. The planning and local support were great. It was a wonderful experience. Overall, I'm really happy that my mom found Nordic Visitor and recommended that we book our honeymoon through this company. It was a really great decision. I personally had never left North America and traveling abroad was a little scary but knowing that everything was planned out, and ready to go for us was a relief.

I really like the self-drive tour aspect too because we got to stop and do whatever wanted along the way and as long as we made sure to make it to our hotel at a reasonable hour to check-in, we felt like we could explore to our hearts content. Absolutely superb in all aspects from start to finish. Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone interested in visiting Iceland. Hotels were all excellent.

Wonderful service at each place. Couldn't have been happier. This was a stress free trip because of the planning provided by Annie. I was able to review things to do with our kids so they could pick out the things that they wanted to do and see while visiting Scotland.

It was nice to have a list of options to pick from. Every day was great. I especially loved the map with the highlighted routes, hotels and points of interest.

While filling up the car, I got out to unfold the entire map and flip it over so we could see the upper section of Scotland. My daughter told me that people were looking at me as I did this. I told her they had map envy. We found the tour expensive but we felt it was really worth it. We felt totally pampered and happy that we didn't have to think about anything but getting in the car and seeing the country.

We had 12-hour days most days and still didn't manage to see everything that was suggested, so another visit is already on the list. Arnar was great in giving tips and patient with all our questions beforehand. Many thanks to Arnar and the rest of the staff for an exceptional experience. I really felt like I was taken care of by you guys. This was the best trip of my life and best honeymoon I could ask for. Nordic Visitor takes good care of its clients.

I never worried for a minute that everything would go as planned and that we would have an excellent experience.

col de jaman buvette

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We are already working with our travel consultant to book a return trip to Greenland. This was an amazing tour for us to take as a family holiday (with teenagers) giving us a little insight into each country. Clearly planned to make the most of each city.

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